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How to Avoid Business Insurance Claims

Your Business Insurance doesn’t cover everything. I know, it may sound a little weird coming from your insurance broker, but we want you to know your coverage. The fact is that, while you might be compensated for part of your loss, your insurance may not cover things such as loss of business, or the hassle and chaos that replacing damaged property or fighting a court case can bring. The truth is that no matter how great your insurance coverage is it is always best to avoid a claim in the first place.   In terms of small business owners it is important to identify the areas in y...

An Insurance Claim for the Titanic, Up For Sale?

She carried 2,224 passengers and crew, but had lifeboats for only 1,178 of those people. More than 1,500 people died when the Titanic sunk to the bottom of the icy Atlantic Ocean.   Yet another fascinating tale of an outlandish insurance claim that proves to be true. Yes there was insurance taken out on the Titanic. At that time, it was a very prestigious voyage to be insuring and many of the big name insurer's such as Lloyd's of London wanted to have their name on the insurance policy.   Then disaster happens, and as the ship sinks the second, third, fourth, and fifth of...

The Most Deadly Mountain in the World: the story of K2

On Netflix there is a documentary called The Summit. It's the story of, up until April 19, 2014, the deadliest mountain climbing expedition in history. The event became quite controversial afterward as 11 people lost their lives. On April 20, 2014, 13 people died on Mt. Everest making that the most deadly expedition in history.   "You climb Everest if you want a good story for a backyard BBQ, real mountain climbers climb K2." -An Interviewee in The Summit.   K2 is now famous for being one of the deadliest mountains to climb. As the second highest mountain in the world, Mount E...

SGI to Implement Traffic Safety Changes Starting June 27

Photo radar has only been allowed in Saskatchewan in highway construction zones, but that changes on June 27 this summer. A new series of rules are being applied with hopes to strengthen traffic enforcement within the province.   The exact date has not been given, but the photo radar will arrive this summer. It will be installed on the Ring Road in Regina, Circle Drive in Saskatoon, and at the intersection of Highway 1 and Ninth Avenue in Moose Jaw.   For a short period of time warning letters will be mailed out to people caught speeding. After that speeders will be ticketed f...
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