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How Your Neighbour’s Insurance Fraud Affects You

You know that guy who laughs about telling the insurance company his 60” flat screen burnt with his house when he never actually had one? Or the woman who “embellished” on the amount of jewelry stolen during a break in? Or the 25 year-old who lives downtown but tells the insurance company he lives in the country at his or her parent’s address? Or how about that car accident you saw that didn’t really look like an accident?   The reality is that the...

5 Tips To Keep You Safe Driving This Winter

1. Get winter tires. This is the easy one people. In some provinces, such as Quebec, you have to get winter tires, it's against the law not to. I used to always say I was never ever going to get winter tires, I always argued with people about why it was a silly economic decision to purchase a second set of tires. Why don't you just drive slower, wouldn't that keep you safe?!?   I was quite the ignorant sixteen year old Regina kid. Several close ...

SGI Canada Moving To Individualized Ratings

SGI Canada Logo In a news release this summer, SGI Canada announced that they will be moving to Individualized ratings. From SGI:  "Technology is making it increasingly easy for consumers to shop online for insurance.This has attracted new competition for both brokers and SGI CANADA. To stay aheadof competitive forces, SGI CANADA is making some important changes to the rating ofhome and personal auto products. Starting in January 2014, we will be moving theseproducts to individualized rating. Indivi...
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