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Small and Large Business Insurance

Are you covered? As a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, you require business insurance to cover your property and commercial liability insurance. A small property claim could have an impact on the financial strength of your business. But, a liability claim could have a huge impact, leading to thousands of dollars in defense costs as well as a settlement. This type of claim could force your business into bankruptcy and close your operations. There is very minimal coverage provided by your home insurance for any business contents. And, there is no liability coverage included ...

Watch for Sewer Backup During Storm Season

Saskatchewan has already faced a few storms and we are likely going to get more. With the threat of these storms on the horizon we wanted to warn our customers to protect their homes from the extensive, costly and rather disgusting damage of sewer backup. Pro Tip #1: The best protection from a sewer backup loss is to have a sewer backwater valve professionally installed in the main sewer line of your house. These summer storms that bring heavy rainfall increase the likelihood of a serious sewer backup. A heavy downpour of rain often fills the sewer systems beyond capacity leaving homeowne...

PST Changes on Vehicles

Big changes to PST on vehicles come in to effect today! The exemption in place for eligible used light vehicles is eliminated. PST now applies to all classes of new and used vehicles The trade in allowance on the purchase of new light vehicles is restored and the trade in allowance currently in place for other classes of vehicles continues, such that trade-ins are now allowed on all vehicle sales For private sales the current $3,000 deduction is eliminated and replaced with an exemption for personal use vehicles purchased for less than $5,000. The $5,000 exemption does not apply t...

Spreading Some Christmas Cheer!

Galon was spreading some Christmas cheer this holiday season! We had the pleasure of being apart of c95's Christmas Wish and gave Jessica one year plates on her new ride! Then we got to stop in to see our friends at Cosmopolitan Industries to hand over a iPad and a donation cheque for $5,000. Our last stop was Elmwood Residence where we dropped off another $5,000 donation cheque. Nothing makes the holidays feel merrier then giving to others in the community! Read the c95 wish story here:  
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