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Watch for Sewer Backup During Storm Season


Saskatchewan has already faced a few storms and we are likely going to get more. With the threat of these storms on the horizon we wanted to warn our customers to protect their homes from the extensive, costly and rather disgusting damage of sewer backup.

Pro Tip #1: The best protection from a sewer backup loss is to have a sewer backwater valve professionally installed in the main sewer line of your house.

These summer storms that bring heavy rainfall increase the likelihood of a serious sewer backup. A heavy downpour of rain often fills the sewer systems beyond capacity leaving homeowners without preventative measures.

No Backup Valve?

There are a few steps that homeowners without backwater valves can take to prevent a sewer backup loss. If your downspouts drain into your basement sewer system we highly recommend you remove them and have them drain outside your dwelling. We also recommend having your downspouts extend away from the foundation of your home.

During rainstorms keep the caps on all basement sewer outlets; such as your floor drain, washer stack and sump hole. If you do not have a sump pump and pit we recommend installing one to discharge drainage out onto your lawn or driveway. Ensure that surface water is directed away from the foundation of your home.

Advice for Anyone

Whether you have a backwater valve or not we recommend that you avoid using water during heavy downpours.

Washing your dishes, doing the laundry, having a shower, or even flushing the toilet during a storm could push the flapper of your backwater valve open.

What to do When There’s Damage

Contact our office or your claims center directly so we can get an adjuster out to you.

Keep in mind that when there is a large storm there is a large amount of claims. The adjusters prioritize which homes they visit first by the magnitude of the damage. If somebody can no longer live in their house due to the extent of their damage they will take priority over someone who can still live in their home.


If you are interested in protecting yourself from sewer backup please consider having a backwater valve installed in your home. Some insurance companies will even give you a discount on your home insurance if you have one. Our brokers are available to help you if you have any questions!

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