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Buyer Beware! - Flood Damaged Vehicles

    When you go to buy a used car, we all know the standard "kick the tires, check under the hood" routine. Here is one more thing to add to your list to look out for....Flood damage.       In Saskatchewan, when you pay for your plates, you automatically get flood coverage. The catch is that the damage has to be measurable. Meaning after you have cleaned out the water and muck, is it still able to be driven? The problem lies in the fact that some of the damage will not show up until later. Water can cause severe electrical and structural damage to a vehi...

Would You Be Prepared For....?

Many of us like to think that in an emergency we would know what to do, and many of us might. But what about being prepared for an emergency. Now I am not talking about Doomsday Preparation or stock piling for the zombie apocolypse (yet), I am simply stating that in the event that mother nature decides to hand out a butt kicking, would you be ready?   Many websites call these kits "72-hour kits" because that is how long you should be prepared for. You will find many websites that are vague when it comes to their list and other websites that are crazy long. I have done my own research...

Collectible Insurance vs. Homeowners

    We all know that person, or we may be that person. The one that has a collection of something that they show off every time someone new walks through the door. This collection could be anything....and I mean anything! Sports memorabilia, fine art, wine, rare books, stamps, and/or coins, antique rugs, tapestries, action figures, dolls, toys, movie memorabilia, or guns.   Don't see your collection listed, all you have to do is ask.       What most people don't know is that most of these collections are not covered, or have insufficient coverage...

What do I do if my sewer backs up?

Two of the most frequently asked questions we get asked: 1) How do I prevent sewer back-up? 2) What do I do if I have a sewer back-up? With the recent flooding in southern Alberta, these questions have been asked even more. We have attached two links that we think are quite informative and cover the questions at hand. Sewer Backup information What happens when your sewer backs up?  Still have a question? Give us a call or e-mail we can help!
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