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I just got into a car accident....Now what?

         Recently, I had been in a minor car accident. When the other driver and myself got out of our cars, we realzed that neither of us really knew what to do. I am going to take this opportunity to let you know some guidelines.   First and foremost, make sure eveyone is OK.  REPORT the accident to the police if their are any injuries or if the vehicle is not driveable. If the vehicles are still able to be driven, move off to the side of th...

What Does it Cost To Rent An Apartment?

    We all know that the cost of housing in Regina has increased substaintially over the past 10 years. Regina is not the cheapest place to live, the good news is, we are by no means the most expensive either. We fall somewhere nicely in the middle. Have a look for yourselves. What does it cost to rent an apartment in Regina?

What's The Best City In Canada? [Infographic]

We're a little biased here at Galon Insurance, but we had to share. We're #2! We're #2! Congrats Regina! This may be because we have the lowest unemployment rates in Canada.  When you think about it, Regina's pretty amazing. Think of all our amazing parks, the Roughriders, all the art and music events, the Milkyway, Italian Star Deli, and the fact that you can get anywhere in Regina in 20 minutes or less. &nbs...

Buyer Beware! - Flood Damaged Vehicles

    When you go to buy a used car, we all know the standard "kick the tires, check under the hood" routine. Here is one more thing to add to your list to look out for....Flood damage.       In Saskatchewan, when you pay for your plates, you automatically get flood coverage. The catch is that the damage has to be measurable. Meaning after you have cleaned out the water and muck, is it still able to be driven? The problem lies in the fact that some of the damage will not show up until later. Water can cause severe electrical and structural damage to a vehi...
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