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Saskatchewan Insurance Rates Are On The Rise

There’s good news and bad news. Which do you want first? Ok, the bad news is, the Saskatchewan auto fund insurance rates are going up. The good news is they’re only going up 1.03%. The Saskatchewan Government approved the increase as well as a 1.23% surcharge on all rates for a one year. These new rates will take effect at your local SGI insurance broker on August 31, 2013. SGI had originally requested a 1.23% rate surcharge for the next three years to replenish the Rate Stabilization Reserve, but the rate review panel recommended the rate surcharge be approved for one year on...

Have You Ever Wondered What Other Provinces Pay For Insurance Across Canada?

People love to complain about the cost of insurance in Saskatchewan. The purpose of this post is to debunk the myth that we pay more for car insurance than the rest of Canada. Actually, we're pretty average compared to the rest of the provinces when it comes to insurance premiums. In Canada, it is actually illegal to be driving without insurance, no matter where you are living (yes, even in Lumsden). You have probably heard people complaining about how expensive insurance is in Regina. Or t...

Think Women Are Bad Drivers? Think Again...

     There is one question that always seems to cause an argument, Who are better drivers, men or women? It seems we finally have an answer. As the article points out, women seem to be the better drivers. Data doesn't lie! Though I dare you to quote one of these studies at the next cocktail party. I am sure it will go over real well with the fellas in the room.      One recent study was conducted by Carrentals in the United Kingdom, which involved over 700 people o...

How To Prepare For The Great Regina Flood of 2013

1. Mind your eaves and Q’s Keep your eaves-troughs clean. If snow melts on your roof and the resulting water has nowhere to go, it will very sneakily try to get into your house. Eaves-troughs are your friend, keep them clean.   2. Downspouts are to eaves-troughs as hockey is to Canada If all you do is fix your eaves-troughs and you do not connect your downspouts, you’ll be looking at wet spring. Downspouts should exit from your house onto a splash pad or be connected to an extensions at least 1.8 metres (6 feet) away from the foundation of your house. As funny as it wou...
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