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BBQ Safety

  Canadian’s love to barbecue. Not only to celebrate the arrival of temperatures in which we can actually bear to be outside but also for the culinary diversity we sorely miss in those frigid winter months.   However, it is very important to ensure proper barbecue safety in order to avoid property damage or injury.   Before you start your barbecue for the year make sure the burner ports and burner orifice are free of rust, dirt, cobwebs, dust, and...

BBQ Your Way To The September 19 Rider Game!

    Fall is approaching but we are not ready to put our BBQ’s away. We refuse to acknowledge the impending weather change.   In fact, we want YOUR BBQ recipes! Share your favorite BBQ Recipe and you will be entered in a draw to win 2 tickets to the September 19, 2015 Saskatchewan Roughrider home game against the Ottawa RedBlacks.   The draw will take place September 9th. Get your entry in early by emailing it to [email protected] OR by sh...

Are You Sure You Don’t Need Tenant Insurance?

      We hear a lot of misconceptions when it comes to tenant insurance. Unfortunately, we also hear about those people who lose everything in an apartment building fire and have no insurance. We wanted to address the most common myths we have come across with tenant insurance.   My Landlord’s Insurance Covers Me. That is not true with the possible exception that your landlord is an immediate family member and you are listed on their ...

How Prepared is Your Family for an Emergency?

Although you can’t have your family completely prepared for every emergency that may come your way there are a few steps you can take to ease the stress of many situations.   The Government of Canada recommends having Emergency Kits, as well as Emergency Plans prepared and ready for use. These kits can be fairly basic, but will have you prepared in case you need to go without power or tap water. They recommend being self-sufficient for at least 72 hours.   We recommend keeping your kit in something that is easy to ca...
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