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Tips for Summer Storm Season

  Saskatchewan has already faced a few storms and we are likely going to get more. The extreme heat of July and August often brings on severe thunderstorms and heavy rain showers. With the threat of these storms on the horizon we wanted to warn our customers to protect their homes from the extensive, costly and rather disgusting damage of sewer backup.   The best protection from a sewer backup loss is to have a sewer backwater valve professionally installed in ...

9 Facts You Never Knew About Lightning

1. How much lightning is present in the world at any given time? Scientists estimate that Earth as a whole is struck by an average of more than one hundred lightning bolts every second. Think about that for a minute…there. 6000 bolts of lighting just struck the earth. We're living in a very active electromagnetic field of energy.   2. What are the odds of being stuck by lightning? The odds of becoming a lightning victim in the United States in any one ...

Spring Is Here…and So Is Your Flooding Risk

Everything melts very quickly in this season leaving large puddles of water everywhere. This rapid increase in our ground water also increases our flooding risk. We want to remind you that overland flooding, as well as the seepage of water into your dwelling, is not covered by your home policy. We recommend doing everything in your power to prevent that water from entering your dwelling and basement. This could be everything from diverting the water away from your house to filling in any cracks in your basement....

10 Things That Could Void Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential for peace of mind while travelling abroad. However it is important to understand that there are limitations and exclusions on your policy. Not everything is covered and it is important to educate yourself before you travel so you do not run into a situation where your claim is denied or your policy is void.   Here is a list of reasons a Travel Insurance company may void your policy or deny your cl...
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