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How Your Neighbour’s Insurance Fraud Affects You

You know that guy who laughs about telling the insurance company his 60” flat screen burnt with his house when he never actually had one? Or the woman who “embellished” on the amount of jewelry stolen during a break in? Or the 25 year-old who lives downtown but tells the insurance company he lives in the country at his or her parent’s address? Or how about that car accident you saw that didn’t really look like an accident?   The reality is that the...

Winter Driving Safety

There’s no denying the cold, and we have it for a good portion of our year. Winter also brings greater driving hazards. We want you to be prepared not only while you are driving but also in case you are ever in an accident or stuck in the cold.   1. Invest in Winter Tires – In Saskatchewan we see a lot of freeze and thaw and snow that falls whenever it feels like it. Winter tires are more equipped than all season tires to handle both cutting through the ...

Protect Yourself From Theft and Fire Hazards This Holiday Season

The holidays are meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. However, incidence of fire and theft claims rise over this exciting season. Many of these claims are preventable so taking a few extra precautions can assure you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season.   More and more people are switching to shopping online instead of braving the crowds at the mall. This can potentially create an easy target for thieves as these deliveries are often left at a front or side door when you are not home. If you know you will be away while your packages are delivered consider having them s...

How Creating a Home Inventory Can Help With Insurance

Not everyone has a home inventory but, as far as insurance companies are concerned, everyone should. A home inventory is a detailed listing, often with photos, of all personal property in and around your home. This inventory can not only help you keep track of just how much coverage you need for your belongings, but it can also help if a claim situation ever did arise.   This can be of concern in terms of theft, and especially with those small but valuable items that can easily be removed from the home and sold quickly. Some of these things you may not immediately notice that they ar...
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