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How do you Make Wearing a Seatbelt a Fun Experience?

The seat belt. Up until recent years it has always been a surprisingly contentious issue in vehicles. The first cars never had seat belts and when the first prototypes were shown, they were immediately dismissed as unnecessary. Drivers didn't want to wear them. Car manufacturers didn't want to hassle of installing yet another safety feature that wasn't proven (at least in their minds). And Law enforcement didn't want to enforce it.   How ironic is it that our past is cluttered with resistance to some of the greatest safety inventions? The seat belt has saved thousands of live...

Forget Speeding Tickets, How About a Lottery for All Those Who Obey the Law?

A past winner of "The Fun Theory" contest, the lottery is an innovative idea around speeding drivers. In Regina we've just had an addition of a couple more radar cameras and we will continue to see more added to our Saskatchewan highways.   If you speed through construction zones in Saskatchewan the fines triple. That's a lot of revenue that could be put towards a lottery for those who are obeying the law and driving the speed limit! This author wants to see more positive renforcement within our legal system. Where else do you get rewarded for obeying the law? &n...

9 Things You Didn't Know About House Insurance

1. If a summer storm thunders thru and the fists of Thor strike down your roof, are you covered? Yes, yes you are. This season for Regina has been particularly busy for Mother Nature. Catastrophic amounts of rain, extremely high winds and lightning shows that put Gene Simmons to shame. You'll be happy to know lightning strikes are covered with your home insurance policy. 2. What if lightning knock down the power lines in my neighbourhood and we don't have power for hours on end a...

A Drone Flying Through a Firework Show

Every July all over the US and Canada, July 1st and 4th are a big time of year for fireworks companies. Hopefully you got your firework fix in this summer at the Regina Canada day in Wascana park, if not well have we got a treat for you!    Drones have been making the news a lot lately, the legality of flying an unmanned object anywhere you please is a little discerning for the privacy pundits out there. Here we have an example of the positive side of drones. Other than delivering your Amazon orders in the future, Drones can get camera shots no human will ever get. Watch th...
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