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A Drone Flying Through a Firework Show

Every July all over the US and Canada, July 1st and 4th are a big time of year for fireworks companies. Hopefully you got your firework fix in this summer at the Regina Canada day in Wascana park, if not well have we got a treat for you!    Drones have been making the news a lot lately, the legality of flying an unmanned object anywhere you please is a little discerning for the privacy pundits out there. Here we have an example of the positive side of drones. Other than delivering your Amazon orders in the future, Drones can get camera shots no human will ever get. Watch th...

Volkswagen Says Keep Your Eyes on the Road

As the video states, texting is now the leading cause of dealth while behind the wheel. We need to be doing everything in our power to remind people that one time is too many. And the more innovative companies can be to spread that message, the better for all of us.  The more in your face and surreal they can make it (I mean texting you while in a movie is pretty neat) it may just influence the behavior of a young audience that desperatly needs to change their behavior while driving.

5 Infographics on Health, Home, and Travel Insurance

If a picture can tell a thousand word an infographic must tell a million! Over the past few years, data represented by flashy designs and beautiful layouts have spawned a niche online that has yet to slow down. Enter the world of infographics.   The insurance industry is no stranger to infographics. The insurance industry is a massive online player with thousands of content producers keeping the insurance company websites stocked to the brim with the latest and greatest new insurance tips to help customers save money.    We're no different here at Galon Insurance. We want...

How Does Hole-In-One Insurance Work?

What is Hole-in-one insurance? Golf tournaments often offer a large prize (car, vacation, cash, etc.) if a golfer can get the ball in the hole within one shot. This is usually placed on a par three as a marketing opportunity for a company. The tournament organizers or sponsors don't actually have a car or $10,000 cash on hand to award the hole-in-one winner. They pay an insurance premium and if someone holes their ball from the tee box the insurance company pays out the winner. H...
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