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Restoration Companies Saskatoon







Rapid Response

Rapid Response Restorations

Emergency Line: (306) 381-7386

Phone number: (306) 651-0103

Address: 1909 11th Street West, Saskatoon




Lydale Construction Co Ltd.

Toll Free: 1 (877) 333-9444

Phone number: (306) 934-6116

Fax: (306) 934-1119


Address: 859 58th Street East, Saskatoon



Service Master Restore

ServiceMaster Restore

For immediate help: (866) 866-6938

Phone: (306) 374-0941



Address: 2233 Speers Avenue, Saskatoon


First General

First General Services - Cameo

Emergency Phone: 1 (877) 888-9111

Phone number: (306) 933-4163

Fax: (306) 352-8866


Address: 825 46th Street East, Saskatoon



Saskatoon Disaster Service

Saskatoon Disaster Services

Phone number: (306) 931-7371

Fax: (306) 652-2879



Address: 1735 Alberta Avenue, Saskatoon




Winmar Saskatoon

Phone number: (306) 956-0000

Fax: (306) 956-0009


Address: 805 56th Street East, Saskatoon



Brothers in Grime

Brothers in Grime Cleaning & Restoration Inc.

Toll Free: 1 (866) 268-3411

Phone number: (306) 229-3639 or (306) 220-7812

Fax: (306) 653-2480


Address: 100-4002 Arthur Rose Avenue, Saskatoon



Paul Davis Systems

Paul Davis Systems – Restoration Specialists

Toll Free: 1 (800) 661-5975

Phone number: (306) 374-7000

Fax: (306) 374-7014


Address: 5-2225 1st Avenue North, Saskatoon


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