I found every experience I had with Galon from liscence for camper to insurance of home and claims have been excellent. I feel they truly care about customers and have gone above and beyond what I have ever experience anywhere else.

kyla bast
February 27, 2019 via Google

Absolutely awesome service! Very quick working and knowledgeable staff! Would recommend!

Andriy Tkach
February 22, 2019 via Google

Location in the south of the city is convenient for me and the hours that they are opened helps alot. Can always count of them to provide me with information I need to make an informed decision on my insurance policies when needed.

deanna chan
September 6, 2018 via Google

Their closing time is amazing! Staff weren't perfect but tried everything to help. Awesome! Deserve for a 5-Star 🌟 rating.

Glojohn Permacio
August 31, 2018 via Google

Fast, Friendly, Competent. I visited this location of Galon insurance to obtain rental insurance and car insurance. Though I can't remember her name, The lady who helped me with rental insurance was very efficient and transparent when it came to coverage and costs. The transaction went ... Read more

Alex Blaise
June 26, 2018 via Google

Open late most days and very helpful. Great for people who work day jobs.

Nick Oleynick
December 17, 2015 via Google