5 Infographics on Health, Home, and Travel Insurance

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If a picture can tell a thousand word an infographic must tell a million! Over the past few years, data represented by flashy designs and beautiful layouts have spawned a niche online that has yet to slow down. Enter the world of infographics.


The insurance industry is no stranger to infographics. The insurance industry is a massive online player with thousands of content producers keeping the insurance company websites stocked to the brim with the latest and greatest new insurance tips to help customers save money. 


We're no different here at Galon Insurance. We want to provide you with valuable advice, suspence filled stories, and everything else you can expect from your friendly neighbourhood insurance broker.


1. Where do natural disasters most affect home insurance costs?

Planning on relocating to the United States? Before you do check out this map of the most costly home insurance locations. Generally they're where more storms happen.


2. The cost of healthcare when you travel without health insurance

By now it's probably a no-brainer, you never travel aboard without travel insurance. As you can see below, it's incredible how much routine operations here in Canada cost in other places.

3. The most expensive house insurance claims

Ever wondered what the most expensive things to happen to your house would be? This is why you need to talk to Galon Insurance about your house insurance!


4. How your health affects your life insurance policy

If you thought life insurance was a "one size fits all" for everyone you're way off kilter. Life insurance rates depend on a lot of different criteria, below are a few of the major areas of concern.


5. What is health insurance like all over the world?

If you've ever wondered how Canada's healthcare system stacks up against the likes of France, Germany, and Australia then look no further. In this infographic we travel the world of healthcare insurance and how each country approaches it. As well life expectancy rates and healthcare costs to each specific government.