5 Most Asked Questions About Snowmobile Insurance

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Living in Saskatchewan, Snowmobiling is practically an Olympic sport. Most of us have grown up with family or friends taking to the back fields and farms surrounding Regina to shred through the freshly packed snow almost every weekend. We take for granted all the safety features snowmobiles come with these days, every now and then it's a good reminder to go through your safety checklist or even take a look at some of these FAQ's:

1. How much does it cost to insure my Snowmobile for a season?

The cost to register your snowmobile is $151 per year. That includes $70 for the registration fee and an $81 insurance premium. We can help you at any one of our Galon Insurance locations in Regina and Saskatoon.

You know what they say, friends don't let friend ride uninsured!

2. Is my snowmobile covered when it's parked for the Summer?

As long as you had an Auto Pak policy on it before and you aren't operating it then you're covered. If you didn't have an Auto Pak Policy we recommend talking to your insurance broker about what your options are.

3. Do I need a license to operate a Snowmobile?

If a person is at least 16 years of age and does not have a driver’s license, they are
permitted to operate a snowmobile in public areas except for the travelled portion of
a road. But they have to have successfully completed a snowmobile safety course.

A person who is at least 16 years of age and holds a Class 7 learner’s license is
permitted to operate a snowmobile on the travelled portion of a road (where a bylaw
exists allowing for the operation of snowmobiles on public roads), they also have to complete the snowmobile safety course.

Basically, if you want to operate a snowmobile in Saskatchewan you better complete the snowmobile safety course. For people under the age of 16, they must be supervised and on private property.

4. Do laws change from province to province on Snowmobile operating and ownership?

Yes they do! We advise you to check with your local Insurance Broker as to the individual laws of your province. If you live in Saskatchewan you can download SGI's free guide here.

5. What exactly is covered by my snowmobile insurance?

Snowmobile insurance is similar to your automobile insurance, you receive the basic coverage with your the initial $151 payment but that only gets you the basic insurance coverage. You do have the option of getting an auto pak insurance policy if you want more coverage. We always suggest talking to your insurance provider if you have questions about your usage and if a package policy is a smart idea for you or not.