Baby It’s Cold Outside

The Christmas season may be gone but winter is certainly not. Frankly whenever I open my door the windchill seems to be telling me to stay inside. So wouldn’t it be convenient to crack open my laptop or log on to my computer instead of braving the cold to run errands?


Yes, we have now come to the day and age of things such as online shopping, online grocery delivery services, and of course renewing your plates online. This is particularly advantageous for people who wake up in the morning and realize not only are the roads ridiculously icy, but also that they forgot to renew their plates and therefore their insurance…


Don’t risk it. Once you are set up it is an easy process to do transactions online.


Which transactions can I do from the warmth of my home?

  • Annual driver’s license payment
  • Cancel vehicle registration
  • Change preferred method of correspondence 
  • Update of view your information 
  • Print an SDR Safe Rating History Letter 
  • Receivable payment 
  • Registration Eligibility Declaration completion 
  • Renew vehicle registration 
  • Replace driver’s license / Replace identification card 
  • Request driver’s abstracts 
  • Schedule a road test

We have a lot of people come into the office annoyed by multiple letters from SGI stating things like “Final Notice” and “Pending Termination,” but they do not understand why as they are on AutoPay.


Well, although your plates are still paid for you must confirm your eligibility once a year in order for your plates to remain valid. This is the “Registration Eligibility Declaration” I mentioned above. You are asked a few questions and then you must sign.


Wouldn’t it be so much better to do that on your computer at home or at work once a year? You are likely on AutoPay due to its convenience and to keep you from needing to go to a motor license all the time. I know, we are good company, but I suggest registering your email with SGI and don’t go through this again. It’s cold out there.


Why do I need to register my email with SGI?

SGI requires you to register your email with them before you can log onto MySGI because it is the best way to verify your identity and confirm that you will be the only person to access your account and therefore the only one to see all of your personal information.


You may have been asked last time you were in an issuer’s office if you wanted to add your email – this is why. If you haven’t previously registered your email address with SGI and want to take advantage of online transactions there are a few places you can call to get set up: (No need for bundling up required)


• Call Galon Insurance or another motor license issuer
• Call SGI’s customer service center 1-800-667-9868
• SGI’s Permit Office (if calling after hours) 1-800-667-7575


Once you have registered your email you will receive an activation code (watch your junk email!) and then you can proceed to set up your account.


Visit and save yourself from the cold.


And then maybe order some delivery…it’s really cold out there.