Boarder Beware! Canada And USA To Start Tracking The Number of Days You're In and Out of The Country

Posted in Insurance


In 2014, the Canadian and US Boarder Patrol will be keeping track of a bit more of your information. They will now know how many days you stayed in the US on your winter vacation, or any vacation to the US for that matter.


It's been a long time coming, since some snowbirds have taken advantage of the "honour" system that was used to be the norm. Both governments are now tracking how long you're staying down south so they can apply the appropriate tax rate to you. This might seem like a money grab by the goverment(s), but they have every right to do so, once you've stayed longer than legally permitted.


At a time when many Canadians call the southern United States their second home and vacationing is on the increase, governments need to ensure vacationers aren't over staying their welcome.


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