Forget Speeding Tickets, How About a Lottery for All Those Who Obey the Law?

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A past winner of "The Fun Theory" contest, the lottery is an innovative idea around speeding drivers. In Regina we've just had an addition of a couple more radar cameras and we will continue to see more added to our Saskatchewan highways.


If you speed through construction zones in Saskatchewan the fines triple. That's a lot of revenue that could be put towards a lottery for those who are obeying the law and driving the speed limit! This author wants to see more positive renforcement within our legal system. Where else do you get rewarded for obeying the law?


From the book Nudge, we all need the right market incentives to create change. Given the right circumstances and opportunity people will take advantage of the system. Our public systems need to take this into account for the future planning of our cities.


Who knows maybe one day you'll win a bundle of cash for cruising down Albert Street and keeping it under the speed limit.


Watch the video and let us know what you think!