How do you Make Wearing a Seatbelt a Fun Experience?

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The seat belt. Up until recent years it has always been a surprisingly contentious issue in vehicles. The first cars never had seat belts and when the first prototypes were shown, they were immediately dismissed as unnecessary. Drivers didn't want to wear them. Car manufacturers didn't want to hassle of installing yet another safety feature that wasn't proven (at least in their minds). And Law enforcement didn't want to enforce it.


How ironic is it that our past is cluttered with resistance to some of the greatest safety inventions?

The seat belt has saved thousands of lives world wide. You now see electronic seat belts like the one in my brothers first Saturn. And much larger double harnesses if you drive a Formula One race car.


Seat belts save lives. It's been proven. But how do you ensure everyone is wearing their seat belt? Make it a game of course! The fine folks over at Volkswagen's "The Fun Theory" are at it again. This time trying to make it fun to put on that trusty seatbelt.


What will they come up with next!