How Easy Is It To Get Travel Insurance?

     You're two hours from boarding the plane. You've checked, double checked, and triple checked your packing list. As you are about to call the cab to take you to the airport you have a flash of fear come to mind, I didn't get travel insurance.

     I was in this predicament over the holidays. I was heading to Montana to go snowboarding with my girlfriend and I didn't have travel insurance. Now on most holidays you can be quite certain that the odds are in your favour that an accident won't happen to you. But snowboarding? The worlds second most dangerous sport? I felt a weird feeling come over me like a little voice saying "if you don't get the insurance you know that something's going to happen." 

     Next problem, we were leaving the following morning...early. Too early for the Galon Insurance offices to be open. So, I called them right then, and to my surprise you can get travel insurance over the phone. It took no longer than 5 minutes. All they needed was my name, birth date, where we were going, and how long we would be there. 

     Also,for the two of us to stay six days in the US, it cost around $30. A small price to pay for peace of mind while racing down an icy, rock and tree laiden mountain. (thank goodness, no one was injured on our trip).

     Living in Regina, one of the safest places in the world, travel insurance seems to be something that a snake-oil salesmen or some sort of a conman would talk you into. But as you get older, and you start planning ahead more, the last thing you want to have happen on a trip is to get hurt and not have anyone to call. Travel Insurance is peace of mind when you're away from home. The best part is that it's incedibly affordable. 

     Yes, most credit cards will give you the bare minimum coverage if something happens. But as they say, you get what you pay for. You can't rely on your credit card insurance to take care of everything on a trip, after all, you don't really pay for the coverage do you?