Regina's Threat of an Earthquake Still Hovering Around Zero

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Living in the middle of the prairies, in good old Regina, Saskatchewan we take for granted what we have here. So what, we don't have a professional sports team or an indoor amusement park in our mall, but what we do have is a land mass that's very sheltered from the most serious of natural disasters. So thanks Saskatchewan, it's nice to live on your safe, cozy, flat, flat land.


In a recent article in the Globe and Mail titled: Major Earthquake Could devistate Canadian Insurers, Bureau Warns the author references a recent study done by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) on what would happen if a major earthquake were to hit the western or eastern coasts of Canada. The results? Catastrophic! As the old saying goes, "prepare for the worst" well, in this case that may not be possible.


The study concluded that a large earthquake would cause far more damage (physically and monetarily) than even the most violent natural disaster Canada has ever experienced on record, flooding. This report comes at a time where we just came off an all time high of flooding in Ontario and Alberta.


The devastation dollar amount associated with a major earthquake is extremely large, as you'll find in the article, but a $75 billion natural disaster is only expected to happen once in every 500 years. They say the question isn't 'if' it will happen, but 'when'.


Sometimes it's great to live in this cold, dry, snowy, icy, climate that is Regina. The place that is very insulated from earthquakes. Sure Regina could have some natural disasters, but we're very lucky not to be located anywhere close to the areas cited in the IBC study as they said those areas could be in for the most devastating disaster in Canadian history.