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Is Cyber Insurance the Next Big Thing?

How Do Canadians Buy Insurance?

How Do Canadians Buy Insurance?

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By asking their friends, of course. A recent study commisioned by PC Insurance concluded that people like to ask friends, family memebers, and coworkers about where and what insurance to purchase. This makes logical sense. We want to make the right decision about our insurance and we tend to...

Is Your Teenager Taking a Car Out of Province for University?

Is Your Teenager Taking a Car Out of Province for University?

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If your child is planning on taking their car out of Saskatchewan for University there are a few extra precautions you must take to ensure they are not only prepared, but also that they are properly insured.   In terms of insurance the first thing to do is visit and SGI motor license issuer....

How do you Make Wearing a Seatbelt a Fun Experience?

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The seat belt. Up until recent years it has always been a surprisingly contentious issue in vehicles. The first cars never had seat belts and when the first prototypes were shown, they were immediately dismissed as unnecessary. Drivers didn't want to wear them. Car manufacturers didn't want...

Forget Speeding Tickets, How About a Lottery for All Those Who Obey the Law?

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A past winner of "The Fun Theory" contest, the lottery is an innovative idea around speeding drivers. In Regina we've just had an addition of a couple more radar cameras and we will continue to see more added to our Saskatchewan highways.   If you speed through construction zones in...

Customer Service at Galon Insurance - Can we help you?

The story of Jeph not remembering to licence his car.   1. Calling in to renew your liecense over the phone...

Is Amazon Drone Delivery All It's Cracked Up To Be?

What are the insurance risks?...

From One Parent to the Next: How do you deal with Obesity Epidemic?

Did you know.....physical activity at an early age can save your thousands of dollars.   What would you do to help the obesity epidemic? 1. Out of sight out of mind Keep healthy snacks available (especially for kids). If you buy chips and chocolate you're going to eat chips and chocolate....

9 Things You Didn't Know About House Insurance

9 Things You Didn't Know About House Insurance

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1. If a summer storm thunders thru and the fists of Thor strike down your roof, are you covered? Yes, yes you are. This season for Regina has been particularly busy for Mother Nature. Catastrophic amounts of rain, extremely high winds and lightning shows that put Gene Simmons to shame. You'll...

What is Obama Care? And how is it different than Canadian Healthcare

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A Drone Flying Through a Firework Show

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Every July all over the US and Canada, July 1st and 4th are a big time of year for fireworks companies. Hopefully you got your firework fix in this summer at the Regina Canada day in Wascana park, if not well have we got a treat for you!    Drones have been making the news a lot lately,...

Volkswagen Says Keep Your Eyes on the Road

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As the video states, texting is now the leading cause of dealth while behind the wheel. We need to be doing everything in our power to remind people that one time is too many. And the more innovative companies can be to spread that message, the better for all of us.  The more in your face...